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Count Andreas Petofi

Count Petofi
Count Victor Fenn-Gibbon a.k.a. Count Andreas Petofi, Hungarian Aristocrat/Magister/Warlock.

(Disclaimer: This is a fictional journal, about a fictional character from Dark Shadows. I'm just playing with him Online for fun. No infringement of copyrights held by Dan Curtis Productions, 20th Century Fox, WB et al are intended. All original art, fiction, and concepts described here, are copyrighted ©1966-2014 to their respective creators.)
abstemiousness, adventurer, alchemist, alternate universes, ancient wisdom, angel, angelique, aristede, aristocrat, art collecting, artistry, ats, austria, barnabas collins, beautiful women, body swapping, brandy, british history, btvs, buffy, catherine the great, cats, champagne, charm, charmed, cheese, chemistry, class, classical music, collinsport, collinwood, control, count saint germaine, crime, curses, dark ages, dark shadows, darkness, darla, dawn, death, demons, diamonds, dracula, drinking, drusilla, elixir of life, england, eternity, evil, faith, fortune, france, gems, ghosts, gold, good, gypsies, gypsy curses, hell, hellmouth, history, hungary, hypnosis, i ching, immortality, jewels, legends, lord kitchener, louis xv, louis xvi, madam de gergy, madame de pompadour, magic, maine, marie antoinette, marquis de montferrat, medici, meditation, mesmer, middle ages, mind control, mind games, minions, money, movies, music, mysteries, mystic, mystical, myths, oatmeal, occult, pain, paintings, palm reading, paris, passion, pearls, petofi, possession, power, powers that be, prophecies, punishment, quentin collins, rameau, reading, reincarnation, relic hunter, resurrections, royality, russia, saint-germain, seance, seers, senna tea, sex, soltikov, souls, spells, spirits, suffering, sunnydale, supernatural, the first evil, the hellmouth, the slayer, tibet, time travel, transylvania, unicorns, vampires, vengeance demons, vienna, violinist, visions, warlock, watchers, wealth, werewolfs, werewolves, wicca, willow, wine, witchcraft, witches, wolf, wolfman, women